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What Makes for a Winning Smile?

What Makes for a Winning Smile?

What Makes for a Winning Smile?

The Perfect Smile (Image courtesy Caricato da Sdrtirs on Wikipedia via CC BY-SA 3.0)
The Perfect Smile (Image courtesy Caricato da Sdrtirs on Wikipedia via CC BY-SA 3.0)

What Makes for a Winning Smile?

Members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry vote every year to choose the best smiles in Hollywood. Over the years, they have voted for Eva Mendes’s million-watt smile, the pearly whites of Kate Hudson, and the frank and warm smile of Brad Pitt. Their smiles dazzle us from the screens and have launched a million products. But you too can flash their winning smiles without spending a million dollars. The anatomy of a winning smile is not hard to decode, and there are specific cosmetic dentistry procedures to correct imperfections as well!

Smile Check #1: Teeth Alignment and Symmetry

The perfect or a pleasing smile is one where the teeth are aligned to the eye line. A tilted teeth line distracts from the beauty of the smile. So do asymmetrical teeth.

Teeth should be straight, without chips and breaks, and have the right proportions. A smile appears attractive when the two front teeth in the center have a width-to-height ratio of 75 to 80 percent. The rest of the teeth should be proportioned accordingly to create the perfect smile line. The ideal smile line—connecting the edges of the teeth—should be aligned with the curve of the bottom lip.

Your teeth should not protrude or be set too far back in the mouth. While there should not be gaps between the teeth, they should also not be crowded or look overgrown.

The facial midline runs vertically through the middle of the face. Ideally, the teeth on one side of the facial midline should be similar to its opposite number on the other side of the line.

Imperfectly aligned teeth can be corrected using braces.

Smile Check #2: Teeth Coloration

Look at your favorite celebs flashing their million-dollar smiles on the red carpet. They all have brilliantly white teeth.

One of the most important rules of a beautiful smile is that teeth should not be discolored or stained. Aging, regular consumption of beverages, smoking, and certain medications can stain the teeth. Regular tooth whitening can give your pearly whites the shine they miss.

Smile Check #3: Gum-to-Tooth Ratio

A gummy smile—one where the gums cover 25 percent or more of the length of your teeth—looks horsey. Uneven gum contours, discolored and/or inflamed gums, and exposed root surfaces too take away from the appeal of your smile.

Smile Check #4: Smile Width

Individuals with broad smiles are perceived to be attractive.

The width of a smile is determined by the dark empty space visible between the corners of the mouth and the upper row of teeth. The smaller this space, the wider is the smile. In a wide smile, the teeth curve backwards. Women generally have broader smiles than men.

Sometimes broken or missing teeth can increase this space.

Smile Check #5: Facial Aesthetics

Your lips frame your smile. Full, symmetrical, and shapely lips add to the attractiveness of the smile. For instance, thin lips may expose more gums while crooked lips may give the impression that you have uneven gum edges or uneven teeth.

Only a few people are born with the perfect smile. But with advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures like dental implants, gum and enamel recontouring, tooth bonding, and inserting porcelain veneers, a dentist can design an attractive smile. A beautiful smile wins heart and brings strangers closer. But most importantly, correcting an imperfect smile makes you feel confident about flashing your pearlies whenever you are happy.



Invisalign®, AcceleDent, and Braces for Million-Dollar Smiles


How much does AcceleDent cost or is Invisalign® treatment the best option for me? Should I wear adult braces and will I see results after getting braces off

As summer holidays draw to an end, it is back-to-school time again, and young adults have some difficult choices to make ahead of them. After all, they want to look their best and flash their brightest smiles on Picture Day. But so do many others who are past their school days and want to work on their smiles to sport a new and more confident look this September, which is incidentally also the month for new beginnings.

Invisalign®: Braces That Can’t Be Seen

Browse through a few Invisalign® before-and-after photos to see the magical transformations. Would you believe that these transformations came about painlessly and without any hassle?

Invisalign® aligners are clear braces that are virtually invisible. You can wear them anywhere, and people won’t even notice. What is more, they can be removed and put on easily. So you can brush, floss, and eat conveniently without the metal wires getting in your way. This ensures you can maintain healthy dental habits and live life on your own terms. Once the aligners are custom fitted, you don’t have to make visits to the doctor frequently, usually only once every 8-12 weeks.

AcceleDent: A Revolutionary New Orthodontic Treatment


AcceleDent is the answer for those who are in a hurry to have amazing results. This revolutionary new orthodontic technology, approved by the U.S. FDA, speeds up the movement of teeth by up to 50 percent. Your teeth align faster, increasing the effectiveness of any orthodontic treatment you are currently undergoing. So you will be getting braces off quicker or the Invisalign® treatment will show results sooner. But how?

As part of this treatment, you bite on a mouthpiece and power on the activator. The SoftPulse Technology® delivers gentle and precisely sequenced vibrations to your teeth and gums. Your teeth were already being guided by the orthodontics; now these gentle vibrations will accelerate their movement. Use AcceleDent for 20 minutes daily. And relax, you don’t have to hold on to the activator; it is hands-free.

Braces for Adults and Teens: Straighten Teeth Conveniently

Don’t let the Invisalign® vs. braces debate confuse you. Braces continue to remain one of the most popular orthodontic devices for straightening teeth.

Gone are the days when getting braces and wearing them used to be an ordeal and a painstaking journey through pain and discomfort. The chunky braces of an earlier era were ungainly and made the wearer self-conscious in public. Modern-day braces are lighter and more comfortable to wear constantly. The wires are also less visible but more effective. Take a look at some braces before-and-after photos to convince yourself of their efficacy.

Whether we are going back to school or not, we all feel shy about flashing crooked teeth. Misaligned teeth make brushing and flossing difficult and maintaining dental hygiene a chore. But you have a choice now—Invisalign® treatmentAcceleDent, or braces—and you can choose a teeth-straightening method depending on your budget, lifestyle habits, convenience, and how soon you want to see the results. This September, take care of yourself and start the orthodontic treatment that has been long due. You will be surprised to discover how a beautiful and healthy smile brightens up life, and the selfie as well.

Say Cheese! The Benefits of a Bright and Beautiful Smile

A Beautiful Smile Wins Hearts and Friends (Image courtesy Pixabay on public domain via Creative Commons CC0)
A Beautiful Smile Wins Hearts and Friends (Image courtesy Pixabay on public domain via Creative Commons CC0)

A healthy, bright, and beautiful smile is indeed worth a million dollars. A smile can lighten up the mood in a room. A smile can break the ice and bring strangers closer; it radiates happiness and spreads cheer. But you need to work on your smile regularly, so you can flash it often. However, there are more benefits of orthodontic care than just giving you a great smile.

What Can Your Smile Do for You?

You will be amazed to know about the benefits of flashing your pearlies often.

According to a study carried out on people aged between 18 and 50 years, the wearer of a beautiful, healthy smile is perceived as attractive by 84 percent of Americans. A whopping 85 percent who took part in this survey also told that they tend to judge a person by his smile when meeting him for the first time. A person who smiles often is usually perceived to be more open, honest, and friendly than someone who goes around with a dour look. So having a beautiful, healthy smile has some definite social advantages.

Your chance of attracting a desirable life-partner increases if you have a healthy smile. About a third of the participants in the above-mentioned study indicated that they would prefer to date someone who has healthy teeth. It seems that bad teeth are associated with poor hygiene practices that may stem from an attitude of low self-esteem. Nobody likes to be around someone who is depressed.

A healthy and beautiful smile is also more likely to brighten your career prospects, according to the findings of a study commissioned by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. A bright smile gets you perceived as smarter, successful, happier, and more trusting than someone with bad teeth. These are qualities that every employer looks for in a potential employee.

If you have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, you have ample reasons to feel confident about your worth.

The Benefits of Orthodontic Care

Unfortunately, not everybody is blessed with an attractive smile. But fortunately, there is nothing about your teeth or smile that an expert orthodontist cannot fix. There are many benefits of orthodontic care.

An orthodontist can correct dental alignment issues like misplaced teeth or crowding, abnormal bites, and misaligned jaws or teeth. Some such issues not only take away from the beauty of your smile but may also prevent you from practicing appropriate oral hygiene. For instance, you cannot brush or floss thoroughly if your teeth are crowded. This, in turn, can cause gum disease, bad breath, tooth decay, and even tooth loss.

Tooth whitening is also an integral part of your regular dental care. You feel shy about smiling in public if you have discolored teeth. The dazzling results of tooth whitening are visible in as little as three days. However, if you have a party to attend soon, you can opt for a quick in-office bleaching method that will produce instantaneous but equally desirable results. Depending on the bleaching agent used in the process, teeth can be whitened by up to 8 to 10 shades.

There are powerful social, personal, and professional benefits of having a healthy and beautiful smile. The health benefits of going in for regular orthodontic care should not be ignored as well. Going around with misshapen, misplaced, or broken teeth or uneven jaws that mar the lines of your face not only dent your confidence but also leads to people being unjustly biased towards you. The saying, smile and the world smiles with you, is true. Do not neglect your smile.