Plaque HD – Plaque Toothpaste

Plaque HD – Plaque Toothpaste



  • EFFICIENTLY REMOVES PLAQUE: When you brush your teeth with regular toothpaste, you don’t realize how much plaque you leave behind on a daily basis, that builds up and causes harm to your teeth. Plaque HD Identifying Toothpaste is a must have addition to your daily dental hygiene routine that identifies plaque by turning it green. Keep brushing the areas where you see green until it disappears, and enjoy healthier teeth and gums!
  • DEVELOPED BY DENTISTS: The Plaque HD Identifying Toothpaste, has been developed and crafted by a dentist, partnered with a leading team of chemists. This FDA-registered fluoride toothpaste provides you with a healthy and efficient way to remove plaque. Now you and your family can have fun by turning your mouth green, and brushing your way to a healthier mouth and smile. Plaque HD Toothpaste also contains xylitol, which also helps eliminate harmful bacteria on your mouth and tongue
  • FRESH BREATH: A healthy mouth ensures for a fresh breath, which is why Plaque HD Identifying Anti-cavity Toothpaste is a must have in your morning, evening and post-meal teeth cleaning routine. Plaque HD is made with rich natural mints, ensuring that your mouth is left with a pleasant, minty-fresh breath, so you can talk and smile with confidence, only with Plaque HD
  • GENTLY WHITENS TEETH: Brush your teeth with Plaque HD on a regular basis, and you’ll notice healthier gums and whiter teeth in no time. Identifying and removing plaque twice as effectively as other leading toothpastes, Plaque HD Toothpaste boasts gentle, yet effective whitening agents that allow you to enjoy brighter, whiter teeth that will dazzle your friends and family


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