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Benefits of Plaque HD Broken Down

The Benefits of Plaque HD ™ -Professional Plaque-Identifying toothpaste.

plaquePlaque is a soft, sticky and often colorless film containing bacteria that builds on your teeth. Often, plaque is very challenging to identify and remove, causing many detrimental effects to an individual’s oral health as well as self-esteem.  Plaque HD ™ , which is a professional plaque-identifying toothpaste that uses Targetol Technology ™ , enables patients to effectively remove plaque from their teeth and improve their oral hygiene. Here are the ways in which you can benefit from using Plaque HD ™ :

  • Confidently remove all plaque from missed spots- Targetol Technology ™ targets spots where plaque has built up and been missed while brushing. It identifies the buildup by highlighting the remaining plaque in green as you brush your teeth. Once you are aware of the highlighted spots, you are able to go back and brush them until the green is no longer visible. Once your teeth return to white, you know you have effectively removed all plaque from your teeth. Leaving you with a clean and sparkling smile!
  • Improved health- Plaque HD ™ allows you to properly remove all oral bacteria that otherwise could have spread through your bloodstream and severely affected other organs in your body. Plaque HD ™ also aids in preventing gingivitis and periodontal gum disease.
  • Fights Cavities- By properly removing plaque buildup from your teeth, Plaque HD helps to fight cavities and tooth decay by removing the bacteria that builds on your teeth. This also prevents tooth decalcification, which is an early stage of tooth decay, when the teeth lose calcium and often leave obvious white spots on teeth.
  • Prevents Permanent Stains- When teeth are not cleaned properly, plaque buildup often leads to unwanted stain and tooth discoloring. Plaque HD ™ prevents teeth from becoming discolored, by removing all unwanted bacteria and plaque. Many orthodontists found that their clients who invested so much into having straight teeth were often disappointed with their final results due to discoloration of teeth. This issue left many clients feeling insecure about how their teeth appeared to others. With Plaque HD ™ you reap the full benefits of your investment, having beautiful, white teeth.
  • Freshens Breath- Plaque HD ™ removes bacteria that causes bad breath, allowing you to confidently speak to others with fresh breath.

Plaque HD ™ improves oral hygiene with its advanced technology, allowing you to effectively clean your teeth in the convenience of your own home and confidently put your toothbrush down knowing that there is not any  leftover build up.

For more information on Plaque HD ™, please visit expert and celebrity orthodontist, drjacquiesmiles.com for a consultation at any of four locations throughout the tri-state area.