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Benefits of Starting Orthodontic Treatments for Adults in the Fall Season

The fall season is often a time for many families to settle into routines as students return to school. Parents are deciding to start their orthodontic treatment in the fall, whether it’s traditional braces or the popular Invisalign clear aligner. 

The autumn fall months may be the perfect time to begin an orthodontist journey for adults near Monroe, NY and the surrounding areas towards achieving your perfect smile.

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Here are some advantages of starting orthodontic treatments for adults in the fall. 

1. Personal Time and Flexibility:

With children back in their classrooms, moms often have a bit more breathing room in their schedules. With fewer commitments, parents can conveniently schedule and attend orthodontic appointments without the added stress of juggling family responsibilities and other duties.

2. A Head Start Before the Holidays:

Starting orthodontic treatment in the fall provides a strategic advantage. By the time the festive season rolls around, patients are well-adjusted to their new orthodontic routines. Patients are better prepared when it’s time to review the dietary restrictions that come with braces during Holiday dinners and festive New Year’s parties. 

3. Weather Benefits

The milder fall temperatures can make the initial adjustment period to braces or Invisalign more comfortable, reducing potential inflammation or sensitivity that summer’s heat can exacerbate. Cooler weather means less dehydration, making sure that the mouth remains moist, which can benefit those adjusting to braces or Invisalign. 

Fall is a good time for adults to get teeth straightening braces, as heat can cause clear aligners to warp. It is also recommended not to store your Invisalign aligners in hot cars or other heated areas. 

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To schedule your adult teeth straightening consultation in Monroe, NY, please call us at (845) 782-4288Our office is conveniently located near 70 Gilbert Street, Suite 202, Monroe, NY 10950.