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Choosing a Pediatric Dentist in Monroe, NY

Children need to visit a pediatric dentist by their first birthday. Parent’s in Monore, NY that have children who experience harsh teething symptoms such as fever and discomfort should visit a pediatric dentist for an exam. The earlier your child see’s a dentist in Monroe, the better their chances are to have good oral care throughout their lifetime. If you are looking for your child’s first dentist in Monroe, NY follow the tips below to help guide you to the right one.

Consult with Family and Friends

Ask your family and friends if they can refer you to a good pediatric dentist in the area. Friends and co-workers that have children that have already visited a dentist will usually provide you with valuable information. Often the list of dentists to avoid comes first since people want to warn others of a negative experience their child had in the past. Make sure you avoid dentists that have bad reviews from your family, friends, and co-workers. Begin making a list of good pediatric dentist options with the dental offices your friend’s children currently visit.

Search Online

You can access a list of pediatric dentists in Monroe by searching online with your favorite search engine. A list will appear quickly and provide you with websites and other information.

Narrow Down Your Search

Never choose a dentist just because they are located close to your house. This is a common mistake parent make that often result in a negative experience and finding a new dentist. Your goal is to find the best pediatric dentist for your child, even if you have to drive a bit further. Remove any dentist offices from your search list if they don’t have a license, phone number or permanent address. These are all red flags that can lead to a negative experience for both you and your child.

Contact the Dental Office

Some people can determine if they want to bring their child to a dentist just by the way the person at the front desk answers the telephone. If they don’t sound happy, cheerful and eager to help you, move on to the next option. You don’t want your child getting rushed through a dental visit with rude staff that is trying to see as many children as they can without forming a professional bond and relationship.

Visit the Office

Make an appointment with your top three options to visit the dental offices. Bring your child along to see how they react to the environment and staff. Some dental offices offer free consultations on your first visit so take advantage of the offer. This will help you determine which dentist makes your child happiest.

Dr. Jacquie Smiles pediatric dental office in Monroe, NY

You might be in a rush to find the right dentist but you need to make the choice carefully. If you are a new parent and your child is still too young to visit a dentist, start your search anyway. Sometimes the best dentists have a high number of patients they have to form a waiting list. You will definitely want to get on the waiting list if the dentist is known as the best in the area. Choose wisely and carefully.

Pediatric Orthodontics Consultation in Monroe, NY

invisalign-nyc (1)Dr. Jacquie Smile provides pediatric orthodontics and dentistry for children in Monroe, NY. She specializes in Invisalign braces to straighten teeth, preventative care, correct overbite issues, first dental visits and fix other problems that may be affecting your child’s smile. Our team of orthodontist specialists in Monroe can help your child fix common dental problems and prevent any future issues that may arise.

To schedule a pediatric orthodontist appointment for your child in our Monroe office, conveniently located in Orange County near 70 Gilbert Street, Suite 202, Monroe, NY 10950, please contact our office by calling us at 845-782-4288 or fill out the contact form to receive more information.