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How Often You Should Whiten Your Teeth


For most people, the main question is, “How often should I whiten my teeth?” Think of whitening teeth as a cleaning, something that should be done at least 2x a year. Teeth are comparable to a sponge, as they consistently absorb stains from different foods and drinks such as soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea, red wines, berries, tomato sauce and soy sauce. Whitening agents featured in ZOOM Whitening work to lift these stains, and ultimately restore the pearly white state of your teeth. Additionally, Zoom Whitening is considered one of the safest cosmetic dental procedures available. It uses a desensitizer so that even people with sensitive teeth can whiten often.

For more information about Zoom Whitening in NYC area, please contact Dr. Jacquie Smiles to schedule your consultation today.