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Finally! Something not great to report.

MY TEETH HURT! My gums are sore. Sometimes it even hurts to chew. And every time I put my trays back on, I hurt some more! This is my rationale (and my rationale may be 100% medically inaccurate): over the past 15 weeks, the trays I
have worn have readied my teeth for the most difficult part of their journey. Eight aligners have gotten my teeth into position for the big move, a move that will push my mostly straightened teeth right next to each other and then (drum roll, please) widen them all together, all at once. Up until this point the trays were focusing on my most screwy teeth and readying them to go where they ultimately want to be (in perfect order, standing shoulder to shoulder, or toe to toe, with the others).

Is not that what any good tooth wants?

So, in summary: it hurts. And I am uncomfortable. Not all of the time, but much more than I was accustomed to. And that is fine with me. My smile is coming back, and I will endure most any pain or inconvenience to see its full potential.

So bring it, Invisalign, bring it.

(Oh, I also decided to wear this tray for three weeks. I decided on my own, without an orthodontist s supervision. I just felt like I needed a little more adjustment time and this seemed like the right tray to do it.)

Next up: The home stretch