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INVISALIGN: A (MOSTLY) LOVE STORY WEEKS 5-6 (TRAY 3) Learning to wear and care for my tray

I think my teeth are moving. Is that possible, so soon, to see movement in my teeth? I had no idea but was happy when I noticed my two most troubled teeth moving into a more aesthetically appealing position. They seemed to be shifting into place. If this is what one month of trays looked like, I could not wait to see me after six more.

Tray 3 went in with ease, and nothing new really happened. So here is a list of things I have learned so far:

There is no classy way to remove your trays in public. Use discretion (and a tissue!) if you choose to pop them out at the game, by the pool, or in the car with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Love to floss. If you do not love it now, learn to love it.

Your trays do not own you. You own them. Be really good about them but don’t miss out on living for them.

Go swimming. Ocean water feels good. And your mouth will not taste like taffy, promise.

Did I mention flossing? Seriously, floss. A lot.

The people around you do not notice your trays as much as you think they do.

The people who do notice might stare at your trays. Let them. You do not have to tell everyone you run into that you are wearing aligners. Let them wonder what that clear veil of awesomeness over your teeth might be.

Brushing, flossing and cleaning your trays is super easy in the shower. I try to shower after breakfast just for that convenience.

Going tray less is OK. I would rather leave my aligners out at a wedding than attempt to floss, brush and floss some more while in a cocktail dress in a reception hall bathroom. Or the Penn Station bathroom. Um.

In summary: Live your life. Just make sure you floss. Life is more livable than you think with trays in, so do not be turned off by social, work, or play situations because you are wearing braces. Pick and choose when not to wear your trays. But choose wisely, you want your next trays to fit. Wear them to the museum, but take them out at the wedding. And floss, floss, floss.

Next week: My trays and I get a whole lot closer