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Invisalign for Adults Upper East Side, Manhattan

Invisalign for Adults Upper East Side, Manhattan

Invisalign for Adults in Upper East Side, Manhattan

Did you know that the idea for Invisalign came not from an orthodontist, but from an adult patient? He had undergone treatment with braces and was wearing his retainer, and he realized that there must be another way. The team at Dr. Jacquie Smiles in Upper East Side, Manhattan can provide the alternative you’re looking for with Invisalign for adults.

Many adults and teens who want to perfect their smiles find Invisalign to be an attractive form of orthodontic treatment. The comfort of the smooth, plastic material paired with the convenience of the invisible, removable function is what makes the Invisalign system one of the most popular strategies of orthodontic treatment today.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The Invisalign for adults aligners are made from clear plastic that has been shaped specifically to fit your teeth, working for your unique orthodontic needs. This individual molding process is performed with computerized 3D modeling. The program calculates what your desired alignment would look like, and then formulates exactly how many individual steps it will take to grant you your prefect smile. Your unique aligners are created based on this process, and they’re given directly to you.

Each clear aligner brings you one step closer to your perfect smile. You wear your trays for at least 22 hours per day, and your teeth will shift gradually into the position of those aligners. Approximately every two weeks, you will get a new set of aligners that will continue to guide your teeth. With each new aligner tray, your teeth will move closer and closer to your desired alignment until you’ve achieved that perfect smile.

Why Choose Invisalign for Adults?

The most compelling benefit of Invisalign for adults is the reason for which it was created: appearance. Invisalign treatment is very discreet; many patients remark that people don’t notice they are undergoing orthodontic treatment at all. This is especially appealing for adults, who may have professional or personal reasons they would want to avoid treatment that affects their appearance. Teens love this perk, too, because nothing should stop them from this important stage in their lives. With Invisalign Teen they can feel confident not only after, but during treatment, as well.

The fact that aligners are removable presents an additional advantage for oral hygiene. Maintaining good oral hygiene habits becomes infinitely easier when you can brush and floss normally by removing your aligner trays. This means you can also eat whatever foods you like – just take out your aligners when eating, and your meals won’t affect your treatment.

Is Invisalign Right for You?

While Invisalign for adults gives a bit more freedom than traditional metal braces, it also means that more of the responsibility and determination to complete your treatment rests on you. With Invisalign, your aligners must be worn at least 22 hours per day to achieve your desired results. If you feel that you would have trouble doing this, don’t worry.  Dr. Jacquie offers other semi-permanent braces options, which might be a better choice for you.

Get Started

If you are an adult in the Upper East Side, Manhattan area considering orthodontic treatment, don’t put it off any longer. Invisalign for adults is the invisible, convenient way for you to achieve the smile of your dreams. For more information, contact Dr. Jacquie Smiles today!

Dr. Jacquie and the team at Dr. Jacquie Smiles are experts in Invisalign. If you have any questions pertaining to braces, clear braces, Invisalign, or Invisalign Teen in Upper East Side, Manhattan, NYC, Woodbury, NY, Monroe, NY, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Jacquie contact Dr. Jacquie Smiles at: 646-781-8153