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Invisalign Teen®: The Benefits and Then Some

Whether you’re just entering your teens, a freshman in high school, or ready to graduate and head off to college, you’re ready for a fresh start. You have the opportunity to join new clubs, organizations, sports and make new friends. Let’s face it. Braces sometimes just don’t fit into the equation. Lucky for you, there’s a clear solution. With Invisalign Teen® you can straighten your teeth minus the wires and brackets.

Invisalign is made of a smooth, clear plastic that is nearly invisible! So don’t worry, your friends won’t even notice. In fact, you might even forget that you are wearing it.

I’m sure you have friends with braces and a list of all the things they can’t eat. Well, forget the list and forget the angst of not being able to eat some of your favorite foods. With Invisalign Teen® you are free to eat whatever you like. Now of course, I do recommend you avoid foods that are bad for your gorgeous smile. But hey, you get the point.

So keep doing what you’re doing. Go play your awesome solo in the school concert, score that goal in soccer, sing in the school musical, and score that touchdown. With Invisalign Teen® you’ll be the only one who knows you’re straightening your teeth.

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*Did you know Dr. JacquieSmiles was asked to be Invisalign ’s National Spokesperson for a hygiene campaign and in 2009 became the Spokesperson for Invisalign Teen, launching it on the Tyra Bank’s show? Learn more about Dr. JacquieSmiles