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Long Island Pediatric Orthodontics

Dr. Jacqueline Fulop Goodling is an pediatric orthodontist with one of the largest practices on Long Island, NY. Her staff of pediatric assistants, hygienists, and dentists is one of the most popular dental destinations for good reason.

Dr. Jacquie and her team are clearly the right choice for your child s orthodontic treatment
Dr. Jacquie has more than just a decade of experience and an impeccable track record behind her. She was the first female and the youngest ever director of Boston University Dental School s Orthodontics Department for second, third and fourth year students. Her impressive treatment record and prominent research Dr. Jacquie presented a four year, double blind study on identical twins that compared the effects of treatment with conventional orthodontic methods versus Invisalign has been recognized globally. Dr. Jacquie has lectured in front of more than 10,000 orthodontists, dentists, orthodontic residents, dental students and their teams in multiple fields of orthodontics throughout the world and is recognized as one of the top 10 providers of Invisalign worldwide.

Pediatric orthodontic patients who are treated with traditional braces and their families can also rest assured that they are being treated with the latest, most effective scientific advances in the field of orthodontic treatment. From NASA designed nickel titanium arch wires that make adjustments more effective and comfortable to the most cutting-edge imagining technology, pediatric orthodontics is cool at Dr. Jacquie s office.

Dr. Jacquie values your time as she and her staff care for your children s smiles.
Dr. Jacquie and her staff of qualified pediatric hygienists, dental assistants, dentists, and, orthodontists, love working with children and know how to make sure time spent at her office is as fun and comfortable as possible.

It begins when you walk through her doors into a state of the art waiting room, fully stocked with computer workstations for multi tasking parents, work surfaces for after school visits, video games, books, and more to guarantee the time spent waiting for your appointment is not time wasted.

Teens and children treated at Dr. Jacquie s office, as well as their parents, have access to the best pediatric orthodontic and dental care. Our talented staff of dental professionals is here for you. Orthodontic and dental emergencies are handled swiftly and with care; questions about insurance and rates are fielded respectfully and thoroughly; and the needs of each patient and his or her family are always at the forefront of our practice.

At Dr. Jacquie s pediatric orthodontic and dental practice, we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of professionalism in a warm, inviting environment where every patient feels at home. Please call us at 212-972-3522 for more information to setup your pediatric orthodontist consultation today.