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Orthodontic Issues Invisalign Can Treat

Invisalign is a popular option for orthodontic treatments in Monroe, NY for correcting misaligned teeth. The clear plastic aligners from Invisalign has helped over five million orthodontic patients around the world help fix crooked teeth, crowding, overbites and other malocclusion conditions. 

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The following issues can be treated by Invisalign in some patients:

Crooked Teeth

If you are looking to straighten your crooked teeth, Invisalign is an option.


An overbite (when the upper teeth close too far in front of the bottom teeth) can make it difficult to chew and bite into some foods. In some cases, Invisalign can be used to move teeth so that the top and bottom teeth align properly when your mouth is closed.


An underbite (when the bottom teeth are in front of the upper teeth) can cause your teeth to wear more quickly and create difficulties with speech. Invisalign can be used to move the lower teeth back so they naturally sit behind the front teeth.  


crossbite is when some upper teeth sit inside lower teeth rather than outside. It may cause your teeth to chip and wear down and even cause gums to recede. Invisalign can be used to move incorrectly positioned teeth into the right place and treat a crossbite.


If you have a gap between two or more teeth, you have a spacing issue. This condition has a problem with food getting caught between teeth and gums and may cause gum disease. Invisalign can close the gaps to create a healthier mouth and a more aesthetic smile. However, there are some limitations to how much space needs to be closed. 

Open Bite

Invisalign can fix an open bite. This is when the upper and lower teeth don’t meet. Invisalign corrects this misalignment by moving upper and lower teeth into position so they close correctly.

Crowded Teeth

When there is not enough room in the jaw to accommodate all of your teeth, they can overlap and twist, this is known as crowding. Invisalign may correct some cases of crowded teeth, depending on the severity and complexity of the problem.


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