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Returning to the Dental Office in Monroe, NY

The ADA Health Policy Institute’s recent poll revealed consumers returning to the dental office hit a high, with 88% saying they are ready to go or already have been to the office. After being in quarantine for several months, dental care is the first priority for most people.

Most patients’ primary purposes for returning to the dental office in large quantities are checkups, cleanings, new treatments, and dealing with the side effects of neglecting their oral health during quarantine.

To schedule your no-obligation orthodontics appointment in Monroe, NY, please call Dr. Jacquie Smiles at 845-782-4288 or use our contact form to receive additional information. Our office is conveniently located near 70 Gilbert Street, Suite 202 Monroe, NY 10950.

Here are treatments to consider for your next dental office visit in Monroe, NY.


Invisalign teeth straightening treatment is a state-of-the-art alternative to standard metal braces. The treatment involves using customized, comfortable, clear plastic aligners to gradually move your teeth into alignment over a period of time. The aligners are invisible to the eye and removable. The aligners are custom-made using 3-D technology and come with precise treatment instructions from the orthodontist. 

How much is Invisalign in Monroe, NY?


Zoom! Teeth whitening treatment is at the top of everyone’s list because it’s fast, treats all teeth simultaneously, and produces long-lasting results. In addition, this whitening treatment is high in demand because it removes stains from veneers, crowns, and other dental restorations. 

How much is Zoom! teeth whitening in NYC?

When you visit the dental offices of Dr. Jacquie Smiles, you can feel confident that Covid’s safety measures are in place and you are protected during your treatment.

Are you ready to catch up on much-needed dental treatments?