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Self Confidence Improves with Cosmetic and General Dentistry

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry revealed results from a survey they conducted showing 99.7% of Americans believe a beautiful smile is an essential physical asset. Cosmetic dentistry involves a variety of treatments such as teeth whitening, teeth straightening, bonding, veneers, crowns and sometimes periodontal surgery.

Research conducted by the Dove company revealed that only 4% of women worldwide believe they are beautiful. A surprising revelation that came from the study is the fact that six out of ten girls under the age of 18 stop doing things they enjoy just because they don’t feel comfortable about the way they look. These results don’t surprise orthodontists since the majority of patients are women.

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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Boost Self Confidence

  • Less anxiety – People that have less than a perfect smile, often feel anxiety in public and when taking pictures. Some people hold their hand over their mouth to cover their teeth when they laugh or smile. This constant anxiety of hiding your teeth can become overwhelming and cause self-esteem to plummet to low levels.
  • Improved self-image – Orthodontists see a noticeable improvement in patients self-image as soon as their treatment is complete. Once a new and improved smile is revealed the patient immediately sits up straight, smiles more and looks at their smile from every angle.
  • Smile more often – People with dental issues often refuse to smile to prevent others from seeing the condition of their teeth. Once a brighter, straighter smile is revealed the patient tends to smile more in person as well as in pictures.
  • Improves career – Many jobs require speaking in public, attending conferences, networking and speaking up in important meetings. Some people that are embarrassed about their teeth often stay quiet to hide their teeth, but in the long run, they also limit their opportunities and their career by not speaking up about their brilliant ideas. Not speaking during important business meetings or lessening networking opportunities just to hide teeth has a devastating impact on careers. A straight bright smile free’s the patient from hiding and often catapults them to new heights when it comes to their profession.

The combination of boosted confidence, improved overall self-esteem and a perfect friendly smile automatically allows the patient’s personality to shine. The positive changes are often noticed in the patient’s life which leads to improvements in almost every area including work, friendships, relationships and more.

Popular Cosmetic Services

  • Invisalign
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Crowns

Consumers often report that just brightening their smile with a quick in-office whitening treatment makes them feel years younger and more confident. Sometimes whitening teeth is the first step to improve a smile even if the patient has crooked teeth.

Invisalign teeth straightening treatment is high on many patient’s lists because it is convenient, removable, allows the patient to eat anything they desire and the procedure is usually completed within six months to a year.

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