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Unbrace Your Confidence: Do Something in NYC

News flash!! The teen years can be a daunting time for adolescents- especially when it comes to facing potential damage of their self-esteem and confidence. Best known as “the awkward years” for obvious reasons, teens begin to feel more and more insecure about their overall appearance as they navigate through the unforgiving halls of high school.

When it comes to smiling, often the most attracting aspect of one’s face, many teens don’t want to follow the most common path to fix their teeth – metal braces. Teens fear not only the physical pain, but the emotional hurt that wearing brackets may bring. Their concerns are valid, as teens who have donned braces were teased and struggled far more than those who wore Invisalign. Our upcoming initiatives and next steps forward is guaranteed to propose more smiles among our happy teens.

cody simpson


DoSomething.org “makes the world suck less. One of the largest global orgs for young people and social change, our 3.8 million members tackle campaigns that impact every cause, from poverty to violence to the environment to literally everything else. Any cause, anytime, anywhere.”

Dr. Jacquie Smiles joined Cody Simpson and a slew of other celebrities at a dinner for DoSomething.org in New York City on Thursday, June 11th 2015.Cody Simpson was helping to promote the organization–using connections in Hollywood circles to raise both funds and awareness for Do Something’s Unbrace Teen Confidence.

The makers of Invisalign Teen Clear Aligners have teamed up with parenting expert and author, Erika Katz, to create “Unbrace Teen Confidence.” This “teen-esteem” campaign is geared towards helping parents to better understand the stress their teens face on a daily basis. After all, memories fade and it has been quite some time since parental units can truly relate to the struggle – especially with contemporary circumstances and modern social conditions sabotaging a parent’s efforts. Recently, a survey was conducted to understand the psyche and perspective of teens compared to their parents- representing most adults. By applying insights from the survey to real life scenarios, the hope was to analyze the difference in hormonal and physical activity in order to recognize the distinctions that occurred between the two. The Invisalign Teen Confidence Survey was aimed to improve the communication between parent and teens as they work towards building better confidence.

There is tremendous pressure for teens to look flawless the way their photo-shopped peers and favorite celebrities do. They are at an age where they naturally feel inadequate when comparing themselves to others. Celebrity orthodontist, Dr. Jacquie Smiles, along with the highly established, Do Something Organization has teamed up for a modern approach with Invisalign Teen, to help teens battle their insecurities. The clear aligners used with Invisalign Teen help straighten your child’s teeth without the nuisance and embarrassment of traditional metal, wires and brackets, leaving your child feeling confident in their day to day activities and interactions with others. Smiling is good for you as a teenager. Why not wear it with confidence?

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