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Why White Is The Color For Weddings…Bright, White Smile That Is!


White is the color for weddings; white dress, white flowers, white cake … but what about white teeth? While brides often times devote the entire wedding planning process to making her guests comfortable and happy, they often forget to pamper themselves in the process. After all, the memory of your fabulous wedding will live on in your wedding photos and memories. Let your beautiful smile be a reminder of how amazing your big day was!

Everyone’s teeth are designed differently and everyone has a different desired result. On many occasions, a whiter smile isn’t the only concern a bride has about her teeth. Which orthodontic treatment would best fit your needs? Perhaps your teeth have spacing issues in which you would like to correct, or maybe you have crooked teeth in which you would like to align. In either case, not only is this an aesthetic issue, but is a health issue as well. Misaligned teeth are hard to maintain and put stress on jaw points, leading to gum disease, abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, and inefficient chewing function to name a few. Methods to correct these issues may include braces, Invisalign, or even dental surgery. The time span needed to successfully complete the entire orthodontic procedure can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. Because of this, it is easy to understand why a bride would consider having orthodontic treatment done after her wedding, but risks not feeling confident and beautiful on her big day.

Dr. Jacquie at Dr. Jacquie Smiles believes that all qualified brides (and grooms!) should peruse orthodontic treatment regardless of how far away their wedding is. Dr. Jacquie offers accelerated orthodontic treatment, allowing for a more beautiful set of shiny, pearly whites before the wedding! Evidently, it would be ideal to start right away. By starting now, you can speed up the overall treatment before the big day. An advantage of an accelerated treatment is that you can stop and start back up whenever you like, making it ideal for the honeymoon! Treatment can be paused when you’re away for your super romantic honeymoon and can be resumed upon your return. This may be convenient for those who have busy wedding schedules and can’t devote large periods of time to their orthodontic treatment.

While a bride’s smile should be as white as her dress, there are so many other elements that contribute to a perfect smile. An accelerated orthodontic treatment is perfect for busy brides looking to make a lasting impression. Don’t let an underwhelming smile control how you feel on YOUR day. Remember how confident and stunning you will feel when looking at how beautiful your smile was in your wedding photos. Request for your free consultation today, you deserve it!