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Dr. Jacquie Orthodontist and Invisalign Specialist

Puts the Personal, back into Personal Hygiene.
When you think of words like Dentist, Orthodontist or Dental Surgeon, you immediately think of Personal Hygiene. So why is the Personal disappearing at Dental Centers around the USA? Every visit you have to explain your background to a different dentist, a different hygiene expert, a different assistant. If you have been there, done that, and hate it, you might consider going back to some of the old-fashioned ideas like:
individual attention
regular check-ups
historical knowledge, based on that important first exam
last, but not least, how about knowing your dentist s name?

At Dr, Jacquie Smiles, you meet the same qualified experts every visit, whether it is your orthodontist, hygiene advisor, financial assistant, specialist in child dental care, or the specialist in Invisalign.
Just because they have the latest equipment and technology does not mean they have forgotten what it means to get to know their patients. Parents are happily surprised to hear their kids say after a dentist appointment:
Dr. Sara was really nice – Araksya is a good dancer – Zelicy helped me get my iPod docked – Evelyn gave me a great recipe for pumpkin pie- and the list goes on and on and on.
The staff at Dr. Jacquie enjoys their work, and enjoys especially working with kids.
Dr. Josh says: one of the most rewarding aspects of his job is watching patients see their new smiles at the end of their treatment, when compared to their original photos, for the first time!

Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Gooding not only leads one of the best dental clinics in the NY area – three actually:
In New York City – 30 E 40th St tel. (212) 972-3522
In Woodbury – 40 Crossways Park Dr. tel. (516) 921-6010
In Monroe – 505 Route 208 tel. (845) 782-4288
but also is an international lecturer who is much in demand.