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How Long will I have to wear braces?

How Long Will I Have to Wear Braces?

The time required for braces varies from person to person since each case is different. Most patients with orthodontic treatment will have to wear braces for around 12 to 36 months. For problems that are harder to correct, teeth straightening treatments with traditional or clear aligner braces may take up to three years or more. 

Since each case is unique, the length of time a person needs to wear braces varies based on a number of factors. It depends on:

  • How severe is your problem (Malocclusion of teeth)
  • The amount of room inside your mouth
  • The health of your teeth, gums, and supporting bone
  • Type of braces you will be wearing 

On average, once patients get braces, they typically wear them for 1 to 3 years to correct misaligned teeth. After braces come off, most people need to wear a retainer all the time for the first 6 months. After that, you have to wear it only while you’re asleep, but you may still have to do it for many years.

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