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3 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time to Get Braces

While you might not associate summertime with braces (yet!), summer is actually the perfect time to start your kids’ orthodontic treatment. Here are the 3 reasons why summer is the best time to get braces.

No Missed School

Your kids’ schedules are already packed with volleyball practice and violin lessons. During the school year, getting braces on can lead to hours of missed classes, which means catching up on lessons, homework, and tests. But making up school doesn’t have to be part of the braces equation. Getting braces on during summer break means no missed classes (probably much to your child’s dismay)!


Easier to Get Used to

For children, getting braces can be a difficult adjustment period. Their teeth may be sore from shifting, the brackets may irritate the inside of their mouths, and they may have to give up some of their favorite foods. This can become especially challenging during the school year when they need to focus in class and not draw attention to their new “brace face.” However, getting braces during the summer can allow for a more comfortable adjustment period at home with a stocked fridge of cool, soft foods.

If you would like to avoid the food limitations and mouth irritation, consider Invisalign aligners. These aligners are smooth, removable, and virtually invisible, making them a great option for children who are active in sports or play woodwind instruments. They won’t irritate the inside of the mouth and can be removed so your child can continue enjoying their favorite snacks, like popcorn at the movie theater.

Social Factors

For children at school, getting braces during the summer means that only their close friends and family will know about their newest oral accessory. Until they go back to school in the fall, they can avoid being made fun of by their peers. If someone gets braces during the summer, there’s a good chance that nobody will notice they didn’t have them before, which means they can avoid being mocked or teased about it. By getting braces in the summer, you and your child can minimize interactions with people. You can rest assured that loved ones will have positive reactions to your new dental work.


It’s never the right time to get braces, as our schedules are always full and and we always have plans with our friends and family. However, getting braces during the summer is truly the best route to take for both adults and kids. 

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