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Candid vs. Invisalign

Compare Candid at-home teeth straightening to Invisalign clear aligners in Monroe, NY. The information below provides insight into each company, lists the pros and cons, and how they compare. Can’t decide between Invisalign or Candid? Learn more about each company, how it helps you straighten your teeth and which option is best for you.


Candid Co. offers you a choice to begin the process in a walk-in studio office or have a kit delivered to your front door. The at-home teeth straightening process is similar for all companies. So, this means an impression of your teeth is taken, sent to Candid, a remote orthodontist creates your aligners and you receive your full treatment regimen in the mail with instructions to follow. 

The main difference between Candid and Invisalign is in-person care. While Candid invites you to begin the process in one of their local studios you still conduct your entire treatment process unsupervised at home while Invisalign treatment allows you to visit your orthodontist that helps you every step of the way until your newly straight smile is revealed. 


  • Custom made aligners
  • Less expensive than Invisalign
  • At-home delivery
  • Easy to remove
  • Easy to clean
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Fewer food restrictions compared to metal braces
  • Invisibility
  • No office visits


  • You conduct your own treatment at home without supervision
  • No access to an orthodontist in case of emergency


Your journey with Invisalign begins at your orthodontist’s office. The option is recommended by your orthodontist after careful review and observance of your current oral health.

Ideal candidates for Invisalign clear aligners are those with an open bite, gap teeth, crowded teeth, overbite, crossbite, and underbite. Invisalign is an FDA approved treatment.

The treatment process begins with your orthodontist taking molds of your teeth and carefully creating your clear aligners. You pick up your entire Invisalign treatment protocol from your orthodontist, discuss the process, get your questions answered, receive advice especially related to your specific treatment plan and schedule a follow-up visit to make sure the treatment is giving you the results you desire. 


  • Custom made just for you
  • FDA approved
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Direct one-on-one attention from your local orthodontist
  • Invisible aligners
  • Fewer food restrictions


  • Need to clear your schedule for follow up appointments with your orthodontist

Which option is best for you?

Teeth straightening treatment that involves clear aligners is highly beneficial for teens and adults in Monroe, NY and Orange County. Receiving orthodontic treatment in the comfort of your own home often sounds like a great idea until patients realize they don’t have access to professional assistance as much as they need. It’s essential to receive orthodontic care and guidance for any orthodontic treatment. 

Dr. Jacquie Smiles and her staff will provide you with overall care, treatment, and guidance. You will feel calm and safe while proceeding with your teeth straightening treatment. Most of all you will have a professional in your corner in case you experience pain or any other issues during treatment. Are you ready for your teeth straightening treatment? 

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